Kinetic Flexion® is a revolutionary new manual therapy technique that is proving to be an effective treatment for chronic whiplash associated disorder and concussion symptoms. Developed by hush President and CEO Allison Penner-Hurst over the last two decades, it began as a method to compensate for her small stature, and to help her maintain longevity in her career as a therapist. Kinetic Flexion® differs from regular massage therapy techniques in that it incorporates elements from all three medical traditions, Western, Eastern, and Ayurvedic, and utilizes angle and movement to penetrate deeper into muscle tissue. While conventional whiplash treatment focuses mostly on rotation and range of motion, Kinetic Flexion® focuses more on lateral flexion of the neck, which has proven to be a more effective treatment for concussion and other whiplash related neck injuries. 

Kinetic Flexion® in currently being implemented by the therapists at hush Therapeutic Massage in Saint Paul, MN, and a certification course is being developed as continuing education for practitioners through the Center for Integrative Massage, LLC.