Massage is Health Care

Have you ever been surprised by the huge difference in quality from one massage practitioner to the next? One reason for this disparity is a lack of universal standardization for certification and licensure in the field of massage therapy. These standards are instead left up to individual states and cities to regulate, which can result in inconsistencies in the training of practitioners, leading to inconsistent quality for consumers.

There is at the same time a growing trend in Health Care toward greater acceptance of the healing benefits of massage. It is now commonplace for medical and chiropractic doctors to prescribe massage as treatment for a growing list of conditions. Physical and occupational therapy students have required classes centered around massage techniques. Athletic trainers are focusing more and more on massage as regular treatment for their athletes.

The philosophies of Eastern and Western Medicine continue to align in many ways. Chi aligns with areas of the body where muscular, nervous, and soft tissue stress occurs. Chakras align with the spine. The mind-body connection is being recognized as essential to quality of life and health. Biofeedback, exercise, and nutrition are foremost in the minds of progressive health care professionals. Yoga, meditation, and psychotherapy are becoming mainstream as important parts of a healthy lifestyle regiment.

Massage is not only a fantastic way to relax and unwind the mind, but it can also have incredible restorative therapeutic health benefits. From depression and anxiety issues, to pathologies like Crohn’s disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, dystonia, blood pressure irregularities, and a host of other serious health problems, therapeutic massage can often mean the difference between simply surviving and truly thriving.

The expert therapists at hush Therapeutic Massage have an advanced understanding of human anatomy and movement which allows them to tailor each session specifically to the pain management needs of each client. It is a sad statistic that the average massage therapist lasts only three years in the field. This is largely due to poor body mechanics and improper muscle use to apply force, a result of inconsistent training standards for practitioners. The therapists at hush have an average of ten years experience, and newer therapists are trained in advanced proprietary techniques that allow them to work with the tissue rather than against it. The result is a confident but gentle touch, and a tremendous therapeutic value.

Massage is health care. A need exists for quality outcome-based massage, and hush Therapeutic Massage strives to fill that need. If you or someone you know could benefit from this kind of treatment please call us or click on our online scheduler today to begin your journey toward natural wellness.